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pick to light systems

Raymond Handling Solutions is a Valencia warehouse automation consultant. We design, install and maintain order picking solutions.

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Enterprises that run sophisticated warehouse and distribution operations are constantly on the lookout for innovations that can increase efficiency and decrease expenses. These businesses typically carry out thousands of picks per hour, and technologies that offer greater pick accuracy can result in substantial expense reductions and enhanced client satisfaction.

In recent years, many new picking technologies have been introduced to the marketplace. Amongst them, "pick-to-light" technology is distinct for its potential to drastically increase warehouse productivity while nearly eliminating pick inaccuracies.

How Pick to Light Works

Order pickers scan a barcode on a tote or picking container which is an encoded adaptation of an individual client order. Based upon the order, the system will direct an operator to pick a product from a particular bin.

Basic pick-to-light systems utilize lights mounted above the racks or bins in order picking zones. Based on each order, a light will illuminate with a quantity to select. Pickers select the item or items for the order, and press the illuminated button to confirm that the pick has been completed. When no more lamps light up, it communicates to the order picker that the shipment is complete.

Light Pick Benefits

Warehouses that execute pick-to-light systems can typically achieve more than 450 selections per hour, per picker. This means a nearly tenfold increase over warehouse pickers utilizing paper based methods. Here are a number of other reasons warehouse operators may want to carefully consider the technology:

  • 30-50% boosts in pick rate productivity
  • 99.9+% precision rates
  • Decreased order cycle times
  • Increased throughput
  • Abbreviated worker training time
  • Better customer experience
  • Reduced operational costs through decreased labor, mistakes, rework or returns
  • Predictable picking processes
  • Lowered costs through the elimination of paper picking lists
  • A smart pick process with visibility into daily metrics

Pick to Light Hardware

Although there are numerous Pick-to-Light vendors with diverse solutions, almost all systems incorporate the following parts:

  • Light Signaling Lamps. This is how the system interacts with the user. Light devices have an LED to indicate the slot of the item and a quantity display so the user knows how many units to select. Normally there is a confirmation button on the device that the operator presses when a pick has actually been executed. Some light devices have override functions that allow pickers to increase or decrease selection quantities manually.
  • Bay Displays. These alphanumeric display screens are placed at each rack bay or pick zone. They indicate order numbers, handling guidelines and other relevant information.
  • Bus/Duct Substrate. Most pick-to-light installations use a bus system that gets installed to each rack face. These buses provide electricity and digital information to lamps and display screens. Each bus has an independent energy and information feed, meaning that the failure of a single bus does not bring down the whole system. Lights can be quickly arranged anywhere along the bus, so when SKU placements are modified the system can be reconfigured easily.

Warehouse Picking Automation Consultants in Santa Clarita / Valencia

For more information on how you can introduce a pick-to-light program in your warehouse or distribution center, contact a Raymond Handling Solutions specialist today.

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