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dock leveler repair company

Raymond Handling Solutions is a Santa Barbara material handling equipment company, offering repair and service for all brands of dock levelers.

We are backed by one of the largest parts operations in California.

Call us today at (805) 749-2777

Dock Leveler Repair Santa Barbara

Having a dock leveler offline can hamstring the day-to-day performance of your distribution center or warehouse. On an active dock, having all of your bays available is vital for ensuring the flow of merchandise in and out of your facility. It's important to have a consistent, dependable business partner that can get your dock equipment back online promptly when there's an issue.

Santa Barbara Dock Leveler Repair

Raymond Handling Solutions provides maintenance and repair for all categories of dock leveling equipment:

  • Hydraulic Repair: we offer repair and maintenance for all brands of hydraulic dock leveling equipment. Additionally, we service controls, interlock systems and dock signaling systems.
  • Mechanical Repair: with non-powered dock leveling equipment, we fix and maintain springs and any other parts that require attention.
  • Air Bag Replacement: we provide bag replacement and inspection for many varieties of air-powered leveling equipment.
  • Edge-of-Dock Repair: with edge-of-dock units, we provide repair and maintenance, in addition to dock bumper replacement when necessary.

Dock Leveler Installation in Santa Barbara

When it comes to installing new dock leveling equipment, projects can become challenging quickly, particularly with reconfiguration situations. Although attaching basic edge-of-dock devices can take just a few hours, installing brand new pit leveling equipment can necessitate building permits, demolishing and forming concrete, fabricating curb steel, electrical wiring and other steps.

For any dock leveler installation, it's important to engage a skilled installation contractor that specializes in loading dock equipment. While many industrial door repair vendors are proficient in basic dock leveler maintenance, very few are competent enough to attempt larger installation projects and will sub-contract their work to businesses that have more experience in installation services.

Dock Equipment Maintenance

To keep your dock levelers, dock bumpers, truck restraints, interlock systems and other equipment in top condition, consider a regular inspection and maintenance agreement. With a professional maintenance plan you can avoid costly downtime and unplanned repair bills. Raymond Handling Solutions offers affordable, convenient maintenance contracts that will keep your warehouse equipment in excellent condition.

Why Raymond Handling Solutions – Santa Barbara?

Raymond Handling Solutions specializes in dock and door services across West Coast, including the Pacific Coast, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and Montana. With 400+ technicians and 19 branches, we have the expertise and resources to get the job done right every time. Our partnership with Raymond Corp also means that we can coordinate service for just about any location in the country.

No matter whether you're a small business or a nationwide enterprise, Raymond has the size and scale to consistently serve you with our highly trained technical experts no matter of your location.

Dock Equipment Repair Near Me

If you're in need of dock leveler repair in Santa Barbara, get in touch with us today! Discuss your needs with a Raymond dock equipment expert by dialing (805) 749-2777.

Raymond Handling Solutions
Santa Barbara County Service Area:
Buellton, Carpinteria, Goleta, Lompoc, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria
(805) 749-2777

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