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electric utility cart

Raymond Handling Solutions offers a full range of utility vehicles and carts for all industries and uses.

We are backed by one of the largest service and parts operations in California.

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Raymond Handling Solutions supplies a broad array of electric utility vehicles for industrial, educational, commercial and municipal applications. If you're in search of electric utility vehicles or street legal electric carts we offer choices from the world's top manufacturers, like Polaris, Taylor Dunn and Columbia.


Polaris GEM cars have a wide variety of applications, from commercial shuttles and tour operations, to facilities maintenance, to low cost personal transportation. Polaris GEM cars allow for an inexpensive total cost of ownership, eco-conscious day to day use and excellent safety options in a comfortable and stylish package.

Polaris GEM cars are highly customizable, and can be up-fitted with a wide selection of options. Select different rear carrier options, from fully enclosed canopies to flatbeds and add accessories like a box lift or tie-downs.

Polaris GEM vehicles that are designed for hauling can manage cargo of more than 1,400 lbs and have a 1,250 pound towing potential. These GEM models are furnished with either a 8.7 horsepower or 7 horsepower power plant and accommodate up to two occupants.

Street Legal Golf Cars

When it's necessary to move people across an industrial site, campus, resort, airport or other large property, electric passenger transport vehicles are an efficient and low cost opportunity. We offer options for two, four and six passenger electric carts that can be driven legally on public roads.

Small electric carts can be less costly than using ordinary internal combustion transportation. They are a safe, efficient, low maintenance choice for moving people from point A to point B. Whether you have a sprawling resort or small industrial property, lightweight electric vehicles can speed up your operation, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Concerned about The wellbeing of your clients and employees? Vehicles can be customized with heaters, poly enclosures, cup holders, sound systems, and much more. And when it comes to safety, vehicles can be outfitted with full windows and doors, seatbelts, and even divider systems to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

Electric Cart

Beyond passenger and general electric utility vehicles, we feature a large assortment of electric carts, including trailers and burden carriers, electric trams, stockchasers and tow tractors. We supply commercial vehicles from Taylor Dunn for commercial uses ranging from airport passenger transport and baggage handling to property maintenance.

For warehouse and manufacturing uses, Taylor Dunn supplies industry leading tow tractor options with a turning radius of as little as 70 inches and a towing capacity of up to 120,000 pounds. They also supply industrial carts that can be equipped with multiple load decks, load barriers, and even secure locking compartments.

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Questions about electric utility vehicles? Give us a call today. Our electric utility vehicle experts can help you determine the best vehicles for your application, as well as provide information on operating costs, maintenance requirements, lease and financing options and much more.

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