Rack and Shelving

  • Racking

    The expert team at Raymond Handling Solutions’ considers everything from the lift trucks you use, to the products you store when designing and implementing a turnkey storage system that fits the unique needs of your operation. Our installation team (the best in the industry) uses only the highest quality components to ensure you will have a storage solution you can count on.

Racking, Shelving and Pallet Storage Options

  • Cantilever Rack

    Cantilever Rack provides easy access to long, bulky products (lumber, tubing, carpet rolls, etc). Structural arms are available to fit your specific requirements.

  • Carton Flow and Shelving

    Carton Flow Rack utilizes a skate-wheel roller system that provides better flow and lane flexibility. This popular option is frequently used by food and beverage facilities to consolidate slow moving cases.

  • Drive In Rack

    Drive In Racking is uniquely designed to maximize space and productivity. This popular option is utilized by a variety of industries around the world including: imports, exports, grocery, dairy, food services, food manufacturing, bulk product handling, chemicals and paint.

  • Pallet Flow Rack

    Pallet Flow Rack provides deep lane storage and First in/First out (FIFO) pallet handling control. Its full roller pallet flow is an excellent way to accommodate different size pallets, heavy loads and beverage applications.

  • Push Back Rack

    Push Back Rack maximizes storage capacity, supporting up to 3,000 lbs. in 2-6' deep systems. The structural steel tube rail design provides long-term durability and ease of installation.

  • Selective Rack

    With wide varieties of sizes, styles and gauges available, selective rack is the most popular pallet rack option in the material handling industry. Available as structural or roll formed, it is compatible with most applications.

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