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Our iWarehouse suite gives you a single user interface for maintenance and utilization tracking and reporting, live battery and impact monitoring, electronic checklists, path and load monitoring, and a lot more.

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Raymond Handling Solutions offers integrated forklift telematics systems to help you lower expenses, boost vehicle and operator performance and improve efficiency for your Orange County storage facility operation. Our iWarehouse suite offers you a single user interface for service and utilization tracking and reporting, live battery and impact monitoring, electronic workflow, route and load tracking, and much more.

iWarehouse is not constrained to Raymond lift trucks. iWarehouse is compatible with all the top makes and models of powered industrial vehicles.

Forklift Tracking

iTrack is Raymond's warehouse asset management solution for keeping track of forklifts and other types of warehouse machinery. Individuals can monitor equipment usage trends, maintenance documents and linked expenditures. The iTrack system gives you a 360 degree vision of patterns throughout all of your facilities and assets, providing you the best possible data to make informed decisions, reduce your costs and improve productivity.

Which equipment gets used the most? Which is the most expensive to operate? Are there certain pieces of equipment in your O.C. storage facility that are causing problems? What about the rest of your warehouses? Now you can resolve these questions and a lot more. iTrack offers you the complete picture by meticulously collecting machine information and compiling it into beneficial, actionable reporting.

When it comes to equipment maintenance, iTrack can spare you hours of idle time while minimizing your administrative burden. In case of an equipment malfunction, the iTrack system enables remote dispatch of almost any vendor, straight from the system. It tracks the linked expenses and also enables combined invoicing throughout all of your locations.

Battery Monitoring System

Battery charging, handling, maintenance and replacement expenses are a substantial budget item for many storage facility owners. Tracking your batteries can help identify problems, prevent failures and extend the practical life of your battery equipment.

Raymond's iBattery system is a component of iWarehouse that permits you to keep an eye on batteries in real time, showing you temperatures, water levels, charge periods and current charge status. Along with offering you a real time view, these statistics can help you recognize patterns of neglect or misuse, showing you where to implement remedial actions.

Our reporting functions can at the same time give you a combined perspective of battery condition across your operation, allowing you to budget and prepare appropriately.

Forklift Impact Sensor

Forklift impacts are among the most commonplace and expensive incidents in a warehouse environment. They can lead to damage to your facility, racks, equipment and merchandise, as well as downtime as you attend to these problems. And yet these cases do not often get documented in a timely fashion, if at all.

Raymond's iWarehouse provides continuous forklift impact monitoring and live alerts when a collision occurs. Impact sensors will relay information via text or email on the vehicle ID, driver, place and time of impact, permitting you to address accidents rapidly and with complete records.

Forklift Access Control

With the iWarehouse solution, you can regulate exactly who has access to individual powered industrial vehicles, ensuring that every operator has the proper training and accreditation for the vehicles they are operating.

Operators must log in to gain access to equipment, making it possible for you to give permissions only to users that are certified for certain pieces of equipment. You can additionally set limitations on acceleration and travel rate based upon an operator's credentials, allowing you unlimited supervision of your trucks and your workforce.

Forklift Fleet Management Near Me

To find out more about warehouse asset tracking and industrial vehicle monitoring possibilities in Orange County call a material handling expert at Raymond today!

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