Eco-Performance Energy-efficient Lift Trucks

EcoPerformance - Our Commitment to the Environment

  • Create Power

    Eco-Performance doesn't just save power, it creates it. Raymond’s regenerative lowering technology results in fewer battery changes, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. In fact, the Raymond 7000 Series Reach-Fork trucks and 9000 Series Swing-Reach trucks create power with 10% of the amps being drawn back to the battery with every load lowered. That makes you even more efficient with every pallet move.
  • Reduce Emissions

    Because Raymond lift trucks use less energy, they not only reduce costs, they reduce carbon dioxide emissions. As an example, Raymond's 9000 Series Swing-Reach trucks use up to 40% less energy than competing models. This reduces the same amount of carbon dioxide as a car emits over one year. Therefore, fewer battery changes mean fewer carbon emissions, maximum ecological benefits for the planet and greater energy savings for you.
  • Save Power

    The Raymond ACR System™ technology lowers your rate of energy consumption, requires fewer battery changes and fewer batteries used over a truck’s lifetime. All of which reduces downtime and battery and electricity costs. As an example, the Raymond 8410 end rider pallet truck uses up to 33% less energy than the competition. That is what we call an efficient use of power.