Raymond Renewed Pre-Owned Trucks

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    Pre-Owned Pricing, World Class Performance

    Raymond ReNewed offers top-performing used forklift trucks to meet your business needs and budget. Each lift truck in Raymond’s complete fleet of reliable and durable used forklifts has been fully inspected, cleaned and refurbished — with quality ensured by Raymond-certified technicians.

Raymond Renewed Offers You Three Levels of Certification

  • Raymond ReNewed Value

    Raymond ReNewed Value

    Value level ReNewed lift trucks are designed for tight budgets and lower volume operations.

  • Raymond ReNewed Performance

    Raymond ReNewed Performance

    Performance level ReNewed lift trucks are ideal for everyday, single-shift applications.

  • Raymond ReNewed Premium

    Raymond ReNewed Premium

    Premium level Raymond ReNewed lift trucks are best for the budget-conscious warehouse manager in need of performance, reliability and longevity.

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